Au Revoir 2014!

Happy New Year everyone! 2014 is now over and it’s time to welcome 2015 with opening arms. This past year has defiantly been a crazy one! I turned 18, went to university and moved out of home, woah! University wasn’t that great to me, I struggled immensely. I made a promise to myself at the start of 2014 that I wouldn’t be one of those people who drop out after one year, but that ended up happening unfortunately. Studying something that I had never previously learnt didn’t help either. Biology isn’t something I would advise to pick up at tertiary level, never having done it at high school.

Even though university for me was an epic disaster, I wouldn’t change it for the world as I was pushed out of my comfort zone and I was even lucky enough to have met a wonderful guy who treats me well and makes me the happiest girl ever. I met him while staying at the halls of residence, which was an…erm interesting experience. I’ll tell you now, wherever you live and wherever you pursue tertiary study, the food at the halls of residence/dorms will not be great, no matter how much you hope and pretend. I’ll be flatting this year, which I am kinda terrified of. All these responsibilities, having to pay for my own internet, power, food… budgeting! eek. At the halls of residence there would be a set amount of money taken out of my account via direct debit weekly, so this flatting situation is going to be a huge change.

Another positive from 2014 was that I was forced to mature as my own person. I had to grow up quick smart and start making decisions on my own. Over the year I learnt to be my own person and because of that  I became more of an individual and didn’t have to rely much on others anymore. This adult thing is intense, can we be young forever, please? I mentioned earlier that university wasn’t for me and that I was finished with it, but I am enrolled in a different course for 2015, hopefully a better and more suited course for me, I like to think that I am not a complete drop out, ha ha! Now, Au Revoir 2014 and Hello 2015 :)

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


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