Tiny Tea :)

Hey Everyone :)

Just a quick post today to let you know that my tiny tea has finally arrived!! :) I took a photo (the featured image) to show you all what it looks like. I really love the packaging, I mean, the pink packets are so adorable :) It comes in a really cool box, that could easily be used as a storage box once you have finished your tea. You could always do a little DIY and put colorful patterned tape, wrapping paper or even photos on the box. The tiny tea comes with a little pamphlet that explains about all of the different teas they have on offer, for example man tea, fertility tea, her tea etc. I think that this is a really good idea especially for people who want to try more than one tea.

The instructions on the box say to consume the tea 30 minutes before or after each meal but not too late at night. On the box it says to take twice a day, but that is a typo and you are actually supposed to take it three times daily. The instructions say to steep the teabag in a cup of hot water for 5-7 minutes. I have seen other reviews online though which say they let it steep for longer, about 15-20 minutes to get the full flavor and effect. I will try both times and let you guys know which is better. I will link Tiny Tea’s instagram page here which show peoples personal experience with tiny tea. There are plenty of amazing before and after results which is what sold me on the product. http://instagram.com/tinyteatox/

I am really excited to try my tiny tea but as I stated yesterday I won’t be starting till the 1st February. My box of tiny tea is just going to be staring at me until then haha but oh-well! As I promised when I do finally start the teatox I will give an update 14 days into it and then again on the 28th day when i’m finished it. I am super excited to try my teatox and I am also very excited to share my journey with you all :)

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


Stay Sun Smart!

Hey Everyone :)

So today was a much better day for me. I got to go into town with Mum which was really good because it meant getting out of the house. Before a quick food shop, we went out to visit mums friend out at the beach. Mum’s friend owns the shop out at the beach, we just chilled there for about three hours. I don’t end up going out onto the beach though because it was way too hot today and I probably would have dehydrated, or got a headache from the heat. Plus I would have gotten super burnt since I hadn’t put sunscreen on before we left the house. I think from now on I will keep a small bottle of sunscreen in my bag for those purposes.

Even though I didn’t venture out onto the beach I still got a little burn, well maybe more than a little bit. I hope that if I keep putting moisturiser on it that it will turn tan coloured. Fingers crossed! The reason I got burnt was because we all sat outside in this little area and my seat was out in the sun :/ I didn’t actually think that I would get burnt though, shows how much I know! To everybody reading this, if you don’t have sunscreen, maybe sit in a shaded area haha. Stay sun smart, unlike me. We all got lunch at around 12ish. I got Wedges with sour cream and plum sauce and I also ordered two small deep fried Camembert things. My lunch was pretty awesome I must admit, very unhealthy though!

Talking about health, I told you guys how I had ordered my tiny tea from your tea and that I was super excited to try it. Unfortunately it hasn’t turned up yet, I emailed them and they said if it doesn’t turn up by the 14th of January to re email them but hopefully it turns up soon, well before I go back to the city to study anyway. Since it hasn’t come yet (I was planning on starting it on the 1st of Jan) I think that I will start it on the 1st of February because i’ll be in the new flat then. Also it is a 28 day teatox. and February only has 28 days in it this year so it’s kinda perfect :)

Overall I had a really good, relaxing day out :) I really cant wait to start my course and to move into my new flat. Its so close but so far away :( I hope all of you had an awesome day too, and that everyday is awesome for you.

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx

Migraines Aren’t Fun :(

Hey guys :)

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, or today really. I had a very bad migraine. I seem to get them often, possibly once a month maybe less than that. But the one I had yesterday was the worst yet. I was very ill, I had woken up with the migraine. I was sick, nauseous and had a pounding head. I ended up sleeping all day because, there’s nothing much else you can do with a migraine this bad. Have any of you suffered migraines this bad before?

At one point I went outside and fell asleep under the tree in the shade, it was so hot that day. The fresh air always tends to make me better though.  My migraine went away around 4-5pm at night, which was a relief. I still didn’t feel like food, I did attempt to but the smell just made me feel woozy.

Sorry for this depressing post but I felt the need to post something. I’ll be back tomorrow with more interesting things to talk about I promise :)

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


Flat Chaos

Hey everyone :) Last night and today have been really hectic for me. Especially today, it is so hot I really can’t be bothered doing much!

So last night I spent probably 2 or so hours figuring out which bus route to take to get to my course next year. I had to find the closest bus stop within walking distance to catch the bus (thankfully only a 4 minute walk!) This is because I really don’t want to be walking back to the flat in the dark :/ I was up so late doing this because I’m one of those people who can’t sleep until everything is 100% sorted or it will keep me up until all hours of the night! Is that the same for any of you?. Thankfully I sorted it all out and the bus situation seems easy enough :)

Today I have been sorting through the stuff that I can take to the flat. Mum has given me so much stuff which is awesome! Now I just have to bubble wrap it all and put it in a container ready for moving day. Oh, did I mention that my room is a complete mess? It is! My bedroom always tends to turn into a disaster zone when it comes to packing for anything. Mostly everything is just dumped on my bed so I just have to pack it away into boxes and then I’ll hopefully have my room back :)

So it looks like I have a long, hot night ahead of me! I really wish it wasn’t as hot, that would make life so much easier. Or a pool in the backyard, yeah that would be awesome.  A swim sounds really good right now. I hope you guys have better plans for the day :)

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


Life on the Farm and A Little Bit About Me

Hey everyone :) I just thought I would let you know a little bit about where I grew up. Until I was about 10 I grew up in the city an then we moved up north where my family farmed. I then moved back to the city to further my education. I guess I have had a bit of both worlds. Out of the two though I definitely prefer the country life as I like the remoteness of it all. You don’t have to constantly listen to sirens and other city noises 24/7, it’s peaceful.

The country life is a great life. I have spent a big chunk of my life here. I have grown up with animals and I have stayed out of trouble. The sunrises and sunsets in the north are the best in the entire country, well that is just my opinion. I have taken many photos of them. I really want an animal related career when i’m older, being on a farm has heavily influenced that decision.


I have two cats and they are my world. The cat on the top, which we call Fartlez (Nickname for Bart). Fartlez is the older cat of the two. We have had him for probably 8 years or so, got him from the vet. He is such a sweetie. A nosy cat though, always has to check everything out. When people come over he is out sniffing their cars or jumping in the back of their Ute. Then there is kitten (original name i know :P) He is the youngest. He is my baby. We have had him about 3 years. He decided to come into our house while we were on holiday which was a week from Christmas. We came back home Christmas eve and mum said if I could catch him within 30 minutes we could keep him. He was a pretty amazing Christmas present :) We think he got chucked out of a car onto the road, seems to happen a lot during the Christmas period :( I miss my cats terribly when I go away to study, it makes me very sad.


Then there’s the cows, pigs and sheep. When I was younger I took my lamb who I called Milly to calf club day (where you take a goat,lamb or calf to school and participate in calling, leading and rearing competitions) I ended up getting champion lamb, I was thrilled! Then Milly went missing, we think someone stole her :(. My parents milk cows for an occupation so we have about 250-300 cows on the farm, and calves during calving. The cows are awesome and walk up to us and we give them pats and cuddles. Dad also rears pigs on occasion.


Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx