My Top 10 Current Beauty Youtubers

1. Zoella

My new favourite beauty you-tuber. Zoella’s book ‘Girl Online’ is why I wanted to start blogging in the first place. On Zoella’s channel she talks beauty, does clothing hauls and also vlogs which frequently feature her new pug puppy Nala and her two guinea pigs Pippin and Percy. They are soo cute especially little Nala!


2. Bethany Mota

Bethany does a range of videos on her YouTube channel. They range from beauty and outfit looks to hauls, bedroom ideas and DIY. My favourite would have to be her DIY though as they are super creative and look very easy to replicate. It’s always awesome to watch her videos as she has a really bubbly personality.

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3. Shaaanxo

Being from New Zealand I love supporting shaaanxo as she is also from here. It is always good to get behind local talent such as shaaanxo as it gets them recognised into the wider world. Shaaanxo focuses mainly on makeup tutorials and looks but also clothing hauls and vlogs featuring her boyfriend and dogs Zeus and Lewis .


4. Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid’s videos range from beauty to clothes and even cooking. She has such a sweet innocent personality. I really enjoy her beauty videos and her vlogs but I mostly enjoy her cooking videos as I love to cook/bake myself.


5. Chloe Morello

Chloe is a fashion, health & beauty you-tuber from Australia. Her personality makes watching her videos a breeze. I also love her inspired make up look videos.


6. Gabriella

I came across Gabriella through Zoella actually as she appeared in an occasional video or two so I thought I would check out her personal channel. She is very awesome and weird, in a really good way! I love people who like to act a little crazy because it makes me like them even more. She has one of the best personalities by far.

5_Gabriella Rose_Velvetgh0st


I love how the videos are edited on this channel. She is a very quirky you-tuber and that is what I like about her. Adelaine is a young you-tuber compared to the rest in the list. She focuses more on outfits and costumes than beauty but there is a nice mix of everything and that is what I like.


8. Tanya Burr

I love Tanya’s mix of beauty and fashion. I also really love how she does baking videos because who doesn’t love to bake? She is very pretty and relatable.


9. Beautycrush

I personally love how she focuses a lot of her videos on daytime/nighttime and skincare routines. For some reason I really love watching these types of videos. Her makeup looks are also easy to follow and flawless.

beauty crush

10. Lauren Curtis

Lauren reminds me so much of shaaanxo in appearance and also the style of videos. She is a really bubbly and vibrant person. One of my favourite things about her channel is that she does a lot of celebrity inspired looks which she nails.



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