New Years Resolutions

Hey guys :) Who else ate all of their Christmas chocolate on New Years Eve so that they could try be to be healthier in 2015? I hope that I wasn’t the only one haha. By doing this I basically got rid of any temptations and left them in 2014, well that was my logic. I’m going to be honest with you, I never stick to these weight loss resolutions. I try my best to but it just never works out for me. Mainly its because my parents don’t have the healthiest food in their cupboards so its very easy to just grab something and eat it. I’m hoping that since i’m going to be poor and flatting this year that I wont be able to buy all that junk food and hopefully stick to healthier options, fingers crossed!

Until then, I have decided to try out Your Tea’s Tiny Tea. In simple terms this is a teatox (tea detox). Its been on my mind a while but I just haven’t had the money to buy it as it is really expensive for the average Joe. After seeing all the great before and after photos on instagram and getting to a point where I really didn’t like my weight and the way I looked, I took the plunge. I got the 28 day teatox. I managed to find a 10% off code so I ended up paying a total of $64 NZD. I am really excited for it to turn up in the mail so that I can start the teatox asap. I will give an update of my progress at 14 days then again at 28 days. I hope this does wonders, I really do!

Another resolution I have set is to be more money savvy. This means budgeting and saving. If not, this year wont be that fun because ill have no money left over for my social life. As I am flatting I will need to set money aside for things such as internet, power, rent, food. I really don’t want to fall behind on my payments. I think all of this will come to just under $200 a week. I’m going to do a lot of research on budgeting so that i’m not diving in head first. I will also put together a blog of what I have found so that you guys can be more onto it with money as well. We can be in this together!

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


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