Pretty as a Picture

Hey everyone. So who likes to collect things that they don’t really need but like the look and feel of? Well that’s what I tend to do. I have started going through a ‘phase’ recently where I have been impulse buying books and nail polishes and almost anything that I think looks pretty, mostly books, just because they look good on the shelf. Bad, I know, I just can’t help myself! I really need to get my obsessive book buying under control as books are pretty expensive here in New Zealand. Books here are almost $30 just for one book, eek. This is extra bad as i’m supposed to be saving all my money for next year. I mean, I love buying books and all but when it comes to paying the rent next year, what use will they be then?…none.

Now thinking about it, I guess I could sell them. Scratch that, I love them too much! I guess you could call me a hoarder? Or maybe a collector? Okay, i’m going to go with collector because I also have a container filled with shells from different beaches here in New Zealand. The container is sealed shut and packed away somewhere. There is just something fascinating about shells. They are majestic and calming.

Okay, back to books. I love reading them as much as I love collecting them. At the moment my favorites are young adult romance books. Something along the lines of two teenagers meet, fall in love, go through something dramatic, break-up, get back together, well… you get my drift. I’m a sucker for those types, I would say my movie taste is pretty similar, just throw in a little comedy somewhere in amongst it. Love is a beautiful thing. I used to envy those types of couples, head over heels, in love and not a care or worry in the world as long as they were together. I don’t envy them so much anymore, because I have that special someone in my life right now who I am very much in love with. The story’s I read are more believable now that I can feel exactly what the characters are feeling. It is a great thing to be in love.

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


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