Girl Online by Zoe Sugg Book Review (contains spoilers)

Hey everyone :) I hope you enjoy my review on Zoella’s book girl online.

First of all, I am going to tackle the ‘ghost writer’ issue that has everyone talking. A ghost writer pretty much helps with writing an authors book and yes, Zoe did use one. A lot of people do use ghost writers, it is very common, not just celebrities either. A first time author is obviously going to need some help in forming their story, it’s just common sense. We all know that the only reason Zoe is come under fire is that she is a world famous you-tuber. I do think that if she wasn’t, there wouldn’t be any emphasis on the use of the ghost writer. Zoe did say that all the ideas, themes and characters are hers so I think we should all just leave it at that and continue to love Zoe for the amazing person that she is. I love her book regardless and I am very excited for her second book whether she uses a ghost writer again or not.

Now, to the review. During about the first 5 or so chapters, I wasn’t completely sold on the book. It reminded me so much of Zoe’s current life. The storyline so far wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that great either. All throughout the book I imagined Penny as Zoe and Noah as Alfie. I guess because it was a story about Blogging, Love and anxiety that it pretty much made sense to be about them. You would understand this concept more if you watch Zoe’s you-tube channel. I kept on reading though because as I stated in a previous blog post I love romance novels. Anxiety was tackled in this novel and as much as I like how they brought the issue up, I think it was overdone a little bit, but that’s just my opinion.

As I got further into the book I couldn’t put it down. I had gotten so tied up in the story line that I think I ended up reading the whole thing in about 3 days. The connection between Noah and Penny was well executed. You could tell that they had a real passion for one another. I love the fact that Zoe included Elliot in the story. Elliot liked boys which was something his parents didn’t understand or approve of. Penny and her family accepted Elliot the way he was and pretty much made him apart of their family, even taking him to New York. Penny’s brother was also another outstanding character for me. He wasn’t very out there and didn’t speak very much but when it came to his sister he was very protective and would do anything to help her. My favourite part in the book would have to be when Elliot and Penny totally owned Megan and Ollie. That moment in the story was priceless. I absolutely loved it.

Overall, I really did enjoy Zoella’s first novel girl online. I don’t think the fact that it was ghost written changes my perspective at all. The themes in the book were well related to teenagers lives such as Romance, Friendship, Family and the Internet. It also tackled anxiety, an issue which some readers might be suffering with. I would give the book a 7/10 and I am looking forward to the next book! :)

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


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