My Fiji Experience :)

Hey everyone :) So today I thought that I would write about the time I went to the lovely island of Fiji. It was one of the best things that has ever happened to me so I would really like to share the experience with you guys. I have included a couple of photos that I had taken. I hope you enjoy this post :) x.

Going to Fiji meant that it would be my first time ever being on a plane. I’m not going to lie when I say that I was a little freaked out about getting onto the plane. I think everyone’s first time flying would be of a similar description. While at the airport there was one of New Zealand’s famous netball teams there, the Northern Mystics. I got a couple of photos with 2 of the players. So far the start of my trip was amazing. Then came the flight. Once inside the plane and seated I was so fidgety. Freaking out none the less. My brother thought it was so funny. Once up in the air all of my nerves had disappeared, it was so awesome! I had my head by the window, looking out into the clouds and land beneath. I had never seen anything like it before and quickly my fear of planes no longer existed. Since it was morning we got breakfast on the plane. I thought what we were given was pretty good for plane food, in fact I ate it pretty quickly.

When we stepped of the plane into Fiji it was like a massive heat wave, the plane was obviously air conditioned so the change in temp was major! We were then greeted by about three Fijians playing songs and welcoming us, this was pretty cool! We then hopped on a fairy/boat and made our way to our resort (plantation island) Fiji is so pretty! The beaches are so picturesque. I wanted to take as much photos as I could. Whenever you would pass a Fijian you would be greeted with ‘Bula’ Everyone was so welcoming. There was a pool right outside our room which was epic, so convenient. This meant midnight swims, which we did…every night, mostly straight after dinner :)

There were so many activities to do in Fiji. These included: Tennis, Mini Golf, Para-Sailing, Snorkeling, Walks around the island, Fishing Trips, Island Hopping, Kids Club and many more. There was always something to do which was great, although some stuff was a little pricey, Para-Sailing for example. There were plenty of little boutiques as well, mostly clothing and jewelery ones. The food was good, always fruit options such as watermelon, strawberries etc provided for every meal. Every Saturday I think there was a fire/dance show, we got to see 2 of them as we stayed for 10 days.

To sum it all up, Fiji was a awesome once in a life time experience. I would defiantly go again if I could but for now I’ll just have to cherish the memories and photographs. If you are thinking about going to Fiji I do recommend it, you won’t regret it!. There is so much to do and the locals are so friendly and welcoming.


Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


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