Life on the Farm and A Little Bit About Me

Hey everyone :) I just thought I would let you know a little bit about where I grew up. Until I was about 10 I grew up in the city an then we moved up north where my family farmed. I then moved back to the city to further my education. I guess I have had a bit of both worlds. Out of the two though I definitely prefer the country life as I like the remoteness of it all. You don’t have to constantly listen to sirens and other city noises 24/7, it’s peaceful.

The country life is a great life. I have spent a big chunk of my life here. I have grown up with animals and I have stayed out of trouble. The sunrises and sunsets in the north are the best in the entire country, well that is just my opinion. I have taken many photos of them. I really want an animal related career when i’m older, being on a farm has heavily influenced that decision.


I have two cats and they are my world. The cat on the top, which we call Fartlez (Nickname for Bart). Fartlez is the older cat of the two. We have had him for probably 8 years or so, got him from the vet. He is such a sweetie. A nosy cat though, always has to check everything out. When people come over he is out sniffing their cars or jumping in the back of their Ute. Then there is kitten (original name i know :P) He is the youngest. He is my baby. We have had him about 3 years. He decided to come into our house while we were on holiday which was a week from Christmas. We came back home Christmas eve and mum said if I could catch him within 30 minutes we could keep him. He was a pretty amazing Christmas present :) We think he got chucked out of a car onto the road, seems to happen a lot during the Christmas period :( I miss my cats terribly when I go away to study, it makes me very sad.


Then there’s the cows, pigs and sheep. When I was younger I took my lamb who I called Milly to calf club day (where you take a goat,lamb or calf to school and participate in calling, leading and rearing competitions) I ended up getting champion lamb, I was thrilled! Then Milly went missing, we think someone stole her :(. My parents milk cows for an occupation so we have about 250-300 cows on the farm, and calves during calving. The cows are awesome and walk up to us and we give them pats and cuddles. Dad also rears pigs on occasion.


Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


One thought on “Life on the Farm and A Little Bit About Me

  1. Hi..I really miss when I see someone explaining these things. Mostly I am able to check these activities while watching movies . I do not have my own village in India but when I hear my friends talking about their visits then I miss the calmness in the ambience and purity in the natural air that refreshes you day and night.


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