Flat Chaos

Hey everyone :) Last night and today have been really hectic for me. Especially today, it is so hot I really can’t be bothered doing much!

So last night I spent probably 2 or so hours figuring out which bus route to take to get to my course next year. I had to find the closest bus stop within walking distance to catch the bus (thankfully only a 4 minute walk!) This is because I really don’t want to be walking back to the flat in the dark :/ I was up so late doing this because I’m one of those people who can’t sleep until everything is 100% sorted or it will keep me up until all hours of the night! Is that the same for any of you?. Thankfully I sorted it all out and the bus situation seems easy enough :)

Today I have been sorting through the stuff that I can take to the flat. Mum has given me so much stuff which is awesome! Now I just have to bubble wrap it all and put it in a container ready for moving day. Oh, did I mention that my room is a complete mess? It is! My bedroom always tends to turn into a disaster zone when it comes to packing for anything. Mostly everything is just dumped on my bed so I just have to pack it away into boxes and then I’ll hopefully have my room back :)

So it looks like I have a long, hot night ahead of me! I really wish it wasn’t as hot, that would make life so much easier. Or a pool in the backyard, yeah that would be awesome.  A swim sounds really good right now. I hope you guys have better plans for the day :)

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


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