Migraines Aren’t Fun :(

Hey guys :)

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, or today really. I had a very bad migraine. I seem to get them often, possibly once a month maybe less than that. But the one I had yesterday was the worst yet. I was very ill, I had woken up with the migraine. I was sick, nauseous and had a pounding head. I ended up sleeping all day because, there’s nothing much else you can do with a migraine this bad. Have any of you suffered migraines this bad before?

At one point I went outside and fell asleep under the tree in the shade, it was so hot that day. The fresh air always tends to make me better though.  My migraine went away around 4-5pm at night, which was a relief. I still didn’t feel like food, I did attempt to but the smell just made me feel woozy.

Sorry for this depressing post but I felt the need to post something. I’ll be back tomorrow with more interesting things to talk about I promise :)

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


4 thoughts on “Migraines Aren’t Fun :(

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  1. Yeah, those migranes that happen over 2-3 days are the worst, I’ve had a couple of them before. Do you have any tips or tricks that reduces the time/pain of a migraine? I tend to have a shower whenever I get one and that tends to help but only for a short time cause we’re only allowed like 6 minute showers in our home :(


  2. I completely understand. Had a migraine that started on Monday afternoon and didn’t go until Tuesday night. It’s horrible. Cold air helps for as long as you are outside but as soon as you get in the house, it’ back on :(

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  3. Now i know this sounds ridiculous but seriously it’s worth it. All you have to do to get rid of a !migraine is go on an hours walk and it’s gone, there may be a slight head ache but that’s all. Just try it and i promise you will l feel better. no matter how bad you feel just get up and go. Hope it helps xx

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