Stay Sun Smart!

Hey Everyone :)

So today was a much better day for me. I got to go into town with Mum which was really good because it meant getting out of the house. Before a quick food shop, we went out to visit mums friend out at the beach. Mum’s friend owns the shop out at the beach, we just chilled there for about three hours. I don’t end up going out onto the beach though because it was way too hot today and I probably would have dehydrated, or got a headache from the heat. Plus I would have gotten super burnt since I hadn’t put sunscreen on before we left the house. I think from now on I will keep a small bottle of sunscreen in my bag for those purposes.

Even though I didn’t venture out onto the beach I still got a little burn, well maybe more than a little bit. I hope that if I keep putting moisturiser on it that it will turn tan coloured. Fingers crossed! The reason I got burnt was because we all sat outside in this little area and my seat was out in the sun :/ I didn’t actually think that I would get burnt though, shows how much I know! To everybody reading this, if you don’t have sunscreen, maybe sit in a shaded area haha. Stay sun smart, unlike me. We all got lunch at around 12ish. I got Wedges with sour cream and plum sauce and I also ordered two small deep fried Camembert things. My lunch was pretty awesome I must admit, very unhealthy though!

Talking about health, I told you guys how I had ordered my tiny tea from your tea and that I was super excited to try it. Unfortunately it hasn’t turned up yet, I emailed them and they said if it doesn’t turn up by the 14th of January to re email them but hopefully it turns up soon, well before I go back to the city to study anyway. Since it hasn’t come yet (I was planning on starting it on the 1st of Jan) I think that I will start it on the 1st of February because i’ll be in the new flat then. Also it is a 28 day teatox. and February only has 28 days in it this year so it’s kinda perfect :)

Overall I had a really good, relaxing day out :) I really cant wait to start my course and to move into my new flat. Its so close but so far away :( I hope all of you had an awesome day too, and that everyday is awesome for you.

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


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