Dreams are Free.

Why hello there :)

Who else wishes that they could just bypass those 2 or 3 years of studying and go straight into your dream job, your dream life?. I really wish it could happen like that because everything is just so crazy during this time. I don’t even know what i want to do when I finish studying, I mean I tend to be changing my degree everyday. I wish I could do a conjoint photography/animal management/care degree. That would be pretty damn awesome!. It’s not just my job opportunities that I wanna get over and done with, I want to have my own house with plenty of lawn space for animals. I think having my own house would be the best thing ever.

My boyfriend, I want him too. Right now it is uni break which means I am home with the family and so is he. 2 weeks without him is not very fun. I just miss him so much! Not long ago, it was our 6 months mark. That was very cute :) I got a cute teddy and chocolate from him :) The teddy is with me right now, just chilling on my bed :) p.s I love you :) xx

Guys, it was my birthday recently too! I’m 19 now, whoa! I actually feel really old haha. It was a good birthday because I got to wake up next to my boyfriend and also I traveled home to my family that day as well and who can’t love having their birthday during Easter, I mean c’mon, chocolate! The boyfriend was a absolute sweetheart and got me this adorable silver necklace which is a heart with an arrow through it, and of coarse chocolate :) When I got home, my sister got me these awesome fluffy as socks which ill attach below, a fluffy yellow jumper and an ice pack for when I get headaches/migraines. My mum and dad then got me a GHD straighter :D For my crazy locks that I recently chopped, a big chunk came off which I am now regretting :( All I wanted was to get rid of the damaged, dyed part so that my regrowth was the only part left so I now just gotta wait until it all grows back! Mum also took us kids shopping and I got 2 new jumpers, perfect for wearing over leggings seeing as it is coming into the colder months :)


Oh, did I tell you guys that I have changed my degree and next semester starting a bachelor of management studies? I know this sounds crazy and way different compared to animal care but it is really not. I want to have my own pet shop/cattery type of thing. That way I am looking after animals as well :) If that doesn’t happen, having a management degree will still mean being able to find a managing job with animals, if not it’s a good degree to have any way :) It’s another 3-4 years of study but I think it will be well worth it :) Oh, and I am also probably going to go to the gym next semester too, woo!

Time to go get some study done, I will be back very soon with more updates :) But for now, yours truly, Colour Me Clueless xx.


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