How to Live With an Introvert Roommate

Nothing but the truth. Please don’t expect to turn an introverted person into someone as social and extroverted as you. Speaking from personal experience and an introverted persons point of view. Just leave us be, We like the quiet and being independent.

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx

Kingdom of Introversion

To comfortably share an abode with a Subtle sort of person, one must extend but one basic principle to all dealings:

-Reduce social obligation and friction of association.

I must begin by explaining the difference of one’s room to the introvert and the extrovert.

For an extrovert, a room is a place to crash in between episodes of social activity. It’s just a tool required for basic rest and shelter.

For the introvert, one’s room is home, sanctuary, and all important private kingdom. One who is Subtle deals with a world that neither accepts nor understands their ways. The room is often the one place in the world where they can really feel safe and relaxed.

An extroverted roommate is one of the introverted person’s greatest fears: The fear that one who is grounded in the orthodox society brings that society with them into the room, effectively eliminating the last…

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