Hey Everyone :)

I really feel like going camping! Setting up a tent somewhere by a beach and escaping the world for 2 weeks with my boyfriend. No technology, no uni work to do, just peace and quiet. That would honestly be so amazing right now. What do you guys think, do you feel the same way?

University is getting so intense right about now, especially the presentations. Presentations freak me out, and we are not even allowed cue cards to help us remember the info :/ after next week, it’s teaching recess. That is 2 weeks with no classes but a whole lot of assignments and study to do. The week before is also really intense, full of deadlines and tests to do. This all makes me feel a little queezy on the inside. Thinking about it though, these past weeks have gone by very quickly, unlike animal care. I am going to go home for about 3-4 days with my sister, can’t wait to see the family and my animals. Miss them like crazy!

Enough procrastination, I better get finishing my marketing assignment that is due tomorrow! Have a good day/night everyone :)

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


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