Contraception dilemma.

Hey everyone :)

So as it turns out, it was the pill that was causing my constant headaches. Well, I have self diagnosed haha. Being off the pill for about a month or just over that, my headaches have dramatically decreased. I still get the odd stress migraine before tests/exams and headaches on those unbearably long car drives. I used to get headaches daily with the jadelle implants (rods) so maybe I am just headache prone to all contraception that contains hormones. This is not a great realisation as this means the chance of getting pregnant is going to go up, eek. There is one other option that does not contain hormones, it is the IUD. I am not so keen on this idea though because I have heard a lot of bad stories about it. Maybe I will just have to be extra careful and hope I don’t get pregnant. I really do not want to suffer headaches everyday, that was really painful. Wish me luck!

Yours truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


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