A student’s life is a crazy life.

Hey Everyone :)

Okay, so it’s time for an emergency type, feelings post. My mind is going crazy I just need to let it all out! I am getting very stressed at the moment and it’s showing. There’s exams coming up in just less than 2 months and then there’s the stress of the flat! I just want to escape it all and run away somewhere haha. The flatmates are getting on my nerves so much. Since my room is downstairs, I here every conversation that goes on in the kitchen/lounge as the walls are paper thin. I here everything from “just between you and me” and “don’t tell anybody”. You would figure that they would have realised already that I can hear everything they say. Anyway, they have started talking about me recently. It’s to do with petty ‘boyfriend rules’ among other things. These particular flatties are bias though as they do not have boyfriends, never mind what they say is almost always over exaggerated and at most times false. They also always bitch about each other all the time, it reminds me so much of high school, they need to grow up a little bit.

I have been thinking for a while now of moving out next year and getting a 1 bedroom apartment type place but that is harder than you think! They are all around the $200 mark and they are rare to find in a student based town. Also, my boyfriend is thinking of moving to this town next year so we are contemplating getting a cheap, small 2 bedroom flat together. This is not 100% certain so I have to keep my options open. I need a job too, which is adding to the stress levels. Ahhh, the life of a student, not stressful at all! Haha.

I just can’t wait to get my own place and my own space. I’m a very quiet, introverted person so living with a number of different people who are not family can just get too much at times. As much as I hate it, if all goes to plan there is only about 4 months left in the tenancy which I guess isn’t too long. Please keep me in your thoughts :P .

Yours truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


3 thoughts on “A student’s life is a crazy life.

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  1. One bedrooms are only $200!? Where is this magical place? I’ve already graduated and moved back home after college but have been recently looking at one bedrooms because I don’t want to do the roommate thing again for the same above reasons. They’re between $800-$1200 here…


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