Rugby World Cup 2015 Final!

We won! So proud to be a kiwi :) First team to get the cup three times and also first team to win the RWC back to back! You did good All Blacks, you did good ♡

I am a proud kiwi right here! We have made it into the Rugby World Cup 2015 Final with a score of 18-20, that was a very intense game. I am so tired though as the game was on at 4am NZST, so I haven’t been to bed yet and it is already 6.40am NZST…opps haha but it was definitely worth it, bring on next week!

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx



Hey Everyone!

Is anyone feeling like this lately? I know I am! It’s near the end of study week which means that exams are getting closer and closer. Also, I am surviving off my weekly loan/allowance which means I have had to eat the worst, oily, fattening mega unhealthy foods. Another reason is because it’s fast and easy. Because of this I have felt so sluggish it is getting unbearable! Any idea of yummy but healthy foods that I could go out and buy? I feel like I need a juicer but aint no student got the money for that. I really need to start saving my money so that I can buy healthier options for meals. One thing that really annoys me is that healthy foods these days are way more expensive than any unhealthy foods, especially in the ‘buying bulk’ sense. I just don’t want to feel this way, I feel dirty and grose.

On a side note, I just found a cockroach in my bathroom, I saw it on the ceiling from the mirror reflection. It scared me so much! The house/area I live in gets so many of them that I should be used to them by now but I don’t think I could ever get used to them if I’m being honest. I tried to catch it but that failed as they love to run fast which in turn makes me run fast haha. My room is right opposite the bathroom so I gave up catching it and I have put a towel under the gap in my bedroom door so it can’t find its way into my room to attack me in my sleep, I swear they are trying to kill me haha.

That’s all for now, I hope everyone has an awesome day/night.

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx

Exam Time!

Hey everyone!

I hope you have all been well, it’s been a little while since my last post which I’m very sorry about. Right now I am smack bang in the middle of study week which means yes, exams start next week! It’s so stressful, I think a bunch of you will have done an exam in your lifetime and know what I am talking about. I really wish that all my papers were internally assessed, I do so well internally but then do really bad in exams. I feel like this is the same for everyone, whether you are the same as I am or the other way around. I really do envy anyone who is both awesome at internals and externals. If you have any tips or tricks to acing exams please comment them haha it would be much appreciated!

I have been so tired this past week, maybe this is because of the stress. It is a really bad time to be falling asleep for the whole day because I need to spend every hour I can studying! With my degree, you have to get at least 40% of the marks internally and get at least 40% in the exam or you fail the entire paper. I have been doing really well internally so I hope I don’t mess things up in the actual exams.

On a side note, what do you think of YouTube? Do any of you fellow bloggers have a channel? My boyfriend is saying I should start one up but I am way to shy to put myself out there like that and it seems like a lot of hard work. I have thought about doing it before but yeah, I’m not too convinced! Feel free to post in the comments if you do have a channel, I would be interested in checking all of them out :)

That’s all for now, I hope you all have an awesome rest of the week!

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx