Rugby World Cup 2015 Final!

UPDATE: We won! So proud to be a kiwi :) First team to get the cup three times and also first team to win the RWC back to back! You did good All Blacks, you did good ♡ I am a proud kiwi right here! We have made it into the Rugby World Cup 2015... Continue Reading →



Hey Everyone! Is anyone feeling like this lately? I know I am! It's near the end of study week which means that exams are getting closer and closer. Also, I am surviving off my weekly loan/allowance which means I have had to eat the worst, oily, fattening mega unhealthy foods. Another reason is because it's... Continue Reading →

Exam Time!

Hey everyone! I hope you have all been well, it's been a little while since my last post which I'm very sorry about. Right now I am smack bang in the middle of study week which means yes, exams start next week! It's so stressful, I think a bunch of you will have done an... Continue Reading →

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