Kiwi Youtuber Appreciation

Hey everyone!

Sorry it has been a super long time since I last posted something in depth. University has been crazy, especially lately with exams coming up.

Recently I have been feeling not so great with my health, buying all the ‘bad’ food while shopping and getting pizza a little too often. This has done bad things to my body which I need to sort out haha.

Last year I came across a youtuber that specialised in health and fitness. What was even better was that she was New Zealand based, something that is rare here. What was even cooler than that is that she actually went to the same university as I am currently attending and I saw her around a couple times, so cool! (too shy to say anything though).

This youtuber that I talk about is Anjuli Mack. She is very laid back and so are her videos. I love her channel as she has a variety of content such as travel, health, fitness, food etc. She is very informative and it feels as if she is your friend. I think that each one of you should check her out and subscribe to her because she deserves much more subscribers than she currently has. I’m especially talking about the current Kiwi’s who read my blog, go subscribe now! :P

In all seriousness she is an awesome health and fitness youtuber who covers a lot of bases. Go find out for yourselves, here is her youtube link:

Yours truly, Colour Me Clueless xx




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