Urge to Write

Do you ever get that feeling of just wanting to write as much as you can, that urge to write? To put every thought, every emotion, into a paragraph? That is currently me right now. In High School I used to love to constantly write. 99.99% about love. During English I once wrote an awesome story that the teacher loved. I also wrote a poem that was influenced listening to Lorde’s song Royals, weird huh?

Thinking back, I wish I had kept a backed up version of my poems as I know there was over 20 of them. My last post was of one that I miraculously emailed to my self, smart move by me. This was probably because it was one of my last poems I did write, and you guessed it, it was about heartbreak.

I really want to get back in to writing poems, seeing as i am on University break and all. That feeling you get when the words just keep flowing and when you finally finish your poem, is unexplainable. You’ve created a masterpiece from within. I think to make this happen I should try write 1 poem every couple of months or so. I know that putting a time frame on writing, poems especially, is a hard task. Mostly because I write from experiences and what happens to me. Nothing can be rushed, feelings and emotions just can’t  be made up on the spot, they need to come to me effortlessly.

Wish me luck, yours truly, colour me clueless xx



4 thoughts on “Urge to Write

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  1. Keep writing and it will be a good habit to have for the rest of your life. What are you studying at the university? Winter and spring are still struggling here in Upstate New York where there are still patches of snow on the ground. My latest blog is an entry using a blitz poem. A fellow blogger in the UK challenged me. The form is quite easy and there are some rules, but I think you can probably get started with nature, love, etc. Good luck with university and with writing. ^__^


  2. I know ! Writing poems is so satisfying. What can be compared to that feeling of looking at your work and being like ” Did that just come out from me?!” But the sad thing is that it’s so hard to find the time and inspiration to write poems this days…..

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  3. I think love poems are universally understood. This is the source of a majority of poetry and music. Heartbreak is something we all go through, unfortunately. I look forward to your writing more.

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