Eager to learn

Hey everyone!

So it is currently 12.13am in New Zealand and I should be sleeping but… I can’t stop thinking about the future and what job I want to land once finishing University at the end of next year. In plain, simple terms, I want to go into the field of marketing, mainly social media marketing.

I have been researching all day today about it, I also found some eBooks such as ‘social media marketing for dummies’ which I am yet to start reading. I need to start looking more seriously into building a platform for my self, before I come to the end of my studies. I think that it would be beneficial to have all this extra knowledge when stepping into my career further down the track. This blog of mine is probably the closest I have to extra social media skills outside of the theoretical stuff University is teaching me and my personal Facebook, Instagram etc.

I will be taking a social media paper next year but I’m to eager and keen to learn and can’t handle waiting! If any of you who read this blog have any advice on breaking into the social media marketing side of things, or are in that kind of job yourself any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


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  1. well it is 1:44am (and counting) here in Kenya and I should say you need to build your online presence if you are looking to break thru in social media. i wouldn’t know how (i suck at it) but i work in advertising and one thing i know is, social media marketing will keep getting bigger

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  2. i started as an intern (direct route to an advertising gig) and at first the company i interned at claimed they couldn’t afford me (that was after a year of using me…oh i mean teaching me the trade) and i was out of a job for 8 months (ruthless business i tell you) before they called me with a job offer…this industry is a tough one but patience is a big deal…if you don’t have patience you will go crazy waiting on job offers…but it is pretty cool working in this industry

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