Shop Idea – Yellow Daisy

Hey guys,

I recently just came up with a business venture idea. It’s kind of a home / office decor type situation. I have recently made an Instagram for the idea, just trying to get traffic at the moment, to see if there is any interest out there. Here is the link: If you want to check it out and give it a follow I would be very grateful.

The main goal at the moment like I said is to get some interest going.  If there does end up being some interest, I will then order items, sort out budgets, how I will go about selling those items etc.

The main push for me wanting to create a small online business was actually the show Girl Boss on Netflix, that I may or may not have binge watched yesterday haha. It sparked my interest and solidified the idea in my head that I don’t want to be working for someone, I want to be my own boss. I don’t care if it involves more work than a 9-5 because I guarantee that I would enjoy it a lot more.

Thanks for listening. :)

Yours Truly, Colour Me Clueless xx


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