May Antics

Hey Everyone!

This was a stressful month in regards to University work. There were group reports, assignments, tests etc coming out of my ears. At times it really got to me but I just soldiered on. Not much left now until exams which is good. I had a presentation that gave me anxiety, I always tend to feel sick before them but I felt so relieved after that was all done and dusted. I wanted to answer a question in a lecture but my heart started beating a million miles an hour so that was a no go.

For the first time ever I made use of my lecturers office hours. The thought of being in a small area with a lecturer made me undoubtedly nervous, even though there wasn’t a need to be. Everything ran smoothly and I made it through, getting the relevant information from the lecture I missed.

I finally sorted out my cervical smear test. Now that was terrifying. I went by myself and even though I had read up prior to the visit I was still scared about doing it. Now that it is over though, I encourage every women over 20 years to go and get it done. It is not actually as bad as it seems, the nurse talks you through it, then the test is done in less than 5 minutes. I’m proud of myself for doing this, it took me a year to get the courage to do it. (I’m 21 now) Results were back in under 1 week, it came back negative so that was a major relief :) Here is a website that covers pretty much everything on the topic:

Nothing extraordinary really happened this month due to University commitments but this should hopefully change once exams are all done and out of the way. Until next month…

— Colour Me Clueless xx


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