Matcha Tea – Health Benefits

Recently I have really been loving Matcha Tea. I admit, it smells a bit funky buuut it tastes just like any other green tea out there in my opinion with double the benefits! I have found that I feel less tired after drinking a cup a day, my memory improves and a whole bunch of... Continue Reading →


May Antics

Hey Everyone! This was a stressful month in regards to University work. There were group reports, assignments, tests etc coming out of my ears. At times it really got to me but I just soldiered on. Not much left now until exams which is good. I had a presentation that gave me anxiety, I always tend... Continue Reading →

Part Time Jobs

Hey everyone, Okay, so I am in a bit of a dilemma here. I want money, so I need a job. Everyone tells me that I need to get a job but I don't think they actually understand how hard it is to get a job. It's not just about finding a job either, it's... Continue Reading →

Eager to learn

Hey everyone! So it is currently 12.13am in New Zealand and I should be sleeping but... I can't stop thinking about the future and what job I want to land once finishing University at the end of next year. In plain, simple terms, I want to go into the field of marketing, mainly social media... Continue Reading →

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